Specialists in Dangerous Goods Storage and Safety Products

Thank you for visiting SEPMAR, a WA specialist in the storage and transportation of dangerous goods. Our name stands for ‘Safety Equipment, Preventative Maintenance and Repair’, and we’re fully equipped to provide safety cabinets along with expertise regarding the handling and storage of potentially hazardous materials.

SEPMAR is a Western Australian owned and operated company. We were established in 1995 in Perth and have gone on to become a regional leader in the manufacture, supply, installation, maintenance and repair of dangerous goods cabinets and other high-quality products. In our more than two decades of operation, we’ve built a strong network of relationships with many Australian companies and a reputation that speaks for itself.

In addition to safety cabinets and dangerous goods storage cabinets, we also provide a variety of other equipment, including the following:

  • Fire-resistant filing cabinets
  • Segregation units for the transport of dangerous goods
  • Eyewash and facewash stations
  • Emergency deluge safety showers
  • Fire-extinguishing equipment

As you can see, our product range is extensive and includes a variety of applications. If you have need of any dangerous goods storage products, you’re likely to find them here on our website. And should you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with the specialists at SEPMAR.

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