Chemicals and other hazardous materials are typically regulated by government safety standards to be stored in a certain manner in order to protect the environment from pollution as well as the overall safety and health of the people in the workplace.

Who Needs a Dangerous Goods Storage Cabinet?

Any kind of controlled environment, like a laboratory or a hospital, is usually required by local law to find a way to safely store any hazardous materials or goods. While some specific rules may vary from city to city, the need for a dangerous goods storage cabinet is universal. However, because different local agencies will have different specific laws and regulations regarding the storage of dangerous goods, be sure to check with your local authorities to ensure you are complying with all of their regulations.

Even if your workplace isn’t dealing with a ton of dangerous goods or items all the time, simply having the safe storage space readily available is extremely valuable in a pinch. Here are 5 benefits of a dangerous goods cabinet for your Perth workplace:

1. They Provide a Helpful Means for Organising Dangerous Materials.

A dangerous goods storage cabinet features multiple shelves, which provide a lot of room for organization. The cabinet also incorporates under bench storage. While these aren’t necessary safety features, organisation is a key aspect for any workplace, especially for a workplace that needs to safely keep toxic substances apart.

2. They Help Improve Efficiency.

The ability to quickly store any product safely and securely can significantly increase the efficiency of your workplace – this eliminates the need to spend a lot of time otherwise making sure that the solvent or other materials are safely put away elsewhere. If you get the right type of dangerous goods cabinet, you can also make the securing process more efficient as it will come with the right locking mechanism making it impossible to access by somebody who is unauthorised to open it.

3. The Cabinet Selection Suits Any Need for Your Workplace

A dangerous goods storage cabinet will have a specialised design depending on its intended use. There are a variety of dangerous goods storage cabinets out there, and each type of cabinet is covered in the respective chemical resistant paint.

The variety of safe cabinets includes:

  • Corrosive
  • Toxic
  • Flammable
  • Oxidising
  • Organic peroxide
  • Pesticide

4. They Are Very Durable

While typical safety storage cabinets tend to be overly engineered with lots of moving parts and intricate designs, they tend to experience a lot of wear and tear due to the multitude of moving parts. This type of designs almost guarantees that you will need to spend money and time, two very valuable resources, servicing and repairing the cabinet.

On the other hand, a SEPMAR Dangerous Goods Safety Cabinet has been meticulously designed by those who spent their fair share of time repairing other cabinets; the Dangerous Goods Cabinet utilises a unique mechanism with just one moving part. This robust closing design addresses the issue of wear and tear and significantly reduces potential service costs in the long run.

5. They Can Come in a Variety of Designs and Sizes

A dangerous goods cabinet can be pretty customisable to fit your individual needs. For example, the shelf height can be adjusted to fit different products and there are multiple sizing options for the overall cabinet as well. It is understandable for you to want to choose a cabinet that fits with the overall classic or modern aesthetic of your workplace, however, the cabinet’s specific intended use can determine what colour the cabinet is.

SEPMAR has been operating out of Western Australia for years and specialises in the manufacturing, installation, and repair of dangerous goods storage cabinets. Through the experience the company has accumulated over their years of repairing and installing dangerous goods storage equipment, they have become an expert in the field. Their patented single action closing system that they utilise on all of their cabinets creates an effective fully insulated double door with both over and underlapping safety seals. SEPMAR offers free delivery to many Australian capital cities, including Perth, Brisbane, Canberra, Darwin, Melbourne, and Sydney.