Bushfire Awareness

Designed for:

Personnel required to work in remote and bushfire prone areas. To work and co-operate with multi-agencies at bush fires.


To give participants an understanding of bushfire behaviour and to safely work in remote and bushfire prone areas. To develop an understanding of procedures to follow on the fire ground when working with multi-agencies at a bushfire.


· Discuss information on burning and fire danger warnings

· Extreme fire rating requirements

· Operational restrictions on vehicles during high fire danger periods

· Introduction to the AIIMS (Australian Interagency Incident Management System)

· Factors affecting wildfire behaviour such as fuel, weather and topography.

· Fire ground terminology and types of bushfires

· Bushfire control and extinguishment : Water bombing, being caught in drop zone

· Bushfire safety and survival: Protective clothing, communications, personal awareness, snake bite, first aid

· Heat related illnesses, cramps, stress, exhaustion, stroke and treatment

· Know your responsibilities – you are not fire fighters

Duration: Approx 2.0 hours.

Site Requirements:

To conduct theory presentation we require a boardroom/training room with facility to darken room for computer projection.


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