EVACUATION PROCEDURES (Drill) – Non Accredited

Designed for:

Any and all personnel working within the business premises


· Initial briefing with all employees attending evacuation exercise

· Reference to company Evacuation Procedures and Plans

· Identify Wardens and their responsibilities

· Discuss procedure of evacuation

· Identify assembly points

· Duties on initial notification of emergency

· Identify hazards and risks

· Safety precautions

· Disability considerations

· Discuss communication techniques

· Conduct timed practical evacuation exercise

· Debrief on exercise, discuss performance and times

· Discuss any changes required to procedures

· Option to conduct second evacuation exercise

This course is designed and conducted in accordance with the Occupational Safety and Health Regulations and Australian Standard 3745-2010.


1 – 2 hours (dependant on size of group and premises).

This course is principally designed for delivery at the clients’premises where an on-site survey of the working environment can be assessed and where evacuation exercise can be conducted.


A report will be written to evaluate the evacuation exercise in point format of chain of events.  Any areas of concern will be highlighted and recommendations will be proposed.

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