At S.E.P.M.A.R., we pride ourselves on being a premiere supplier of safety and fire equipment. In addition to our wide range of safety products, we offer scheduled service, maintenance and repair of specialised safety, and fire equipment.



Other than our high quality products, we also servicing and repairs for a range of safety equipment. Our highly trained technicians have more than 10 years of experience with the manufacturing, installation, maintenance, and repair of safety equipment. Our team provides quality services to match different requirements. We always strive to deliver services on time and to provide the best value for your money.

S.E.P.M.A.R. can repair all brands of safety storage cabinets using correct parts from the manufacturer at our purpose-built facility in Stoneville, WA and can provide loan cabinets for the duration of hot-work conducted off-site. We also offer a convenient on-site repair service.

We make sure to comply with the Australian Standards in our continuous effort to be the best specialists in our trade. In fact, we issue a Service Certificate upon completion of work. This is with reference to the appropriate Australian Standards useful for any safety audits you may have. S.E.P.M.A.R. staff can also conduct safety audits when required.


With over 30 years servicing the safety industry, S.E.P.M.A.R. has leveraged our experience to design and create safety equipment with superior performance and reliability at a great value. You can rely on us for:

  • Safety storage cabinets
  • Emergency safety showers
  • Eye and face wash stations
  • Fire resistant file cabinets
  • Certified transport segregation units
  • Fire extinguishers
  • Fire resistant equipment

We carry a comprehensive range of the following safety products to suit numerous applications.


Our dangerous goods safety storage cabinets lead the industry with quality and design at a competitive price. Other safety cabinets use complicated mechanisms with multiple moving parts prone to wear and malfunction over time, creating safety issues and requiring additional maintenance.

Designed from our experience servicing competitors cabinets, our safety storage cabinets address this issue by featuring a unique robust closing mechanism with only one moving part, increasing reliability and reducing service costs. Our closing mechanism allows our doors to open wider, allowing shelves to slide in and out easily.

We use alloy parts at contact points to reduce the dangers of sparking risks commonly found with iron contact on other cabinet brands. Taking chances with workplace safety at home or business is risky. Choose S.E.P.M.A.R. storage cabinets for dangerous goods and supplies.


Safety equipment is absolutely necessary for workplaces with hazardous materials. S.E.P.M.A.R. emergency deluge showers and eye/face wash stations are built to Australian Standards 4775. Our servicing ensures the equipment reliably delivers more than the required dispersion of water for proper emergency purposes.


Leveraging our expertise in the workplace safety industry, we have created superior fire resistant vertical filing cabinets that come with a UL 2-hour fire endurance rating and explosion test certification at a great value. Coming in 2, 3 and 4 drawer configurations and a variety of locking options, we have the perfect fire cabinet for your home or office.
Whether full or empty, our fire cabinets are easy to move. Choose S.E.P.M.A.R. fire resistant filing cabinets to protect your most important documents and data no matter what happens.


Tested and approved by the Australian Competent Authorities, S.E.P.M.A.R. segregation units feature innovative features at a great value. Certified to the Australian Code for the transport of dangerous goods, our patented segregation devices are strong yet lightweight. They pack flat when empty for cost-effective transportation, but assemble to full size for easy storage.
Utilising secure drop-pin door locks and robust heavy-duty pin hinges, S.E.P.M.A.R. segregation units adhere to ADG Code and are the most reliable segregation device to transport your dangerous goods safely and in a cost effective manner.

Sepmar Fire Equipment supplies wholesale fire extinguishers, hose reels, and related equipment. We pride ourselves on delivering quality fire equipment at competitive prices. We sell a full line of fire extinguishers designed for workplace fire safety:

  • Dry powder
  • Dry chemical
  • Carbon dioxide
  • Air/water
  • Air/foam
  • Wet chemical

All of our fire extinguishers come with service tags, safety ties, and include a lifetime warranty from the manufacturer. We also supply fire blankets and fire hose reel in lengths from 36 to 50 metres.


FIREtrain is a Registered Training Organization, National Provider No. 52069, offering expert fire safety training and a full spectrum of workplace emergency training. Depending on your requirements we can provide either accredited or non-accredited courses in workplace emergency response at your place of business. Our training can be tailored to address the specific risks and hazards your business deals with.

Feel free to browse other pages on this website to learn more about our products and services. Call our office for enquiries regarding our safety solutions and services. One of our friendly representatives will be happy to answer your questions and concerns.



Sepmar is based in Stoneville, Western Australia and can provide prompt, free delivery within the Perth metropolitan area for quality fire equipment at competitive prices.
Sepmar based in Stoneville, Perth, Western Australia, can provide prompt, free delivery within the Perth metropolitan area. All fire extinguishers come with service tags and safety ties and a five year manufacturer’s warranty. Quality fire equipment at very competitive prices.