Fire Tender Training – Non Accredited

Designed for:

Personnel required to extinguish fires resulting from a bush fire or other causes using Fire Tenders or Trailers.


To develop an understanding of procedures to follow on the fire ground when working with multi-agencies at a bushfire. To ensure personnel have knowledge to work safely and competently using Fire Tenders and associated equipment.


Tasking requirements

●    Reporting to Incident Control Officer and other Liaison Officers on arrival and departure of fire ground

●    Receive briefing – tasking and safety precautions

●    Communications

●    Status of power supply in area of operation and other hazards if applicable

Work environment hazards assessment

●    Determine safe and unsafe work areas and practices

●    Weather and fire danger information

AIIMS (Australian Interagency Incident Management System)

●    Parking at fire ground

Equipment Overview and Orientation

Specifications, location and operation of pumps, valves, hoses, retardant,       extinguishers, hand tools

●       P.O.W.E.R checks, pre-use inspection check list

Start-up and Shut-down procedures

Maintenance and service of equipment

Water management

Hand Tools

Practice session for trainees

Duration: 3.5 hours

Resource Requirements

Training room facilities

Fire ground training area

Fire Tender


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