►  FIRST ATTACK FIRE FIGHTING – Accredited Training

Confine Small Workplace Emergencies – PUAWER008B

Nationally Recognised Training

Designed for:

Personnel occupying premises equipped with portable fire fighting equipment, e.g. fire extinguishers, fire blankets and fire hose reel.


►  What is fire, elements and characteristics, fire tetrahedron, combustion

►  Classes of fire and methods of extinguishment

►  Types of fire extinguishers and colour coding

►  Fire Fighting Agents, e.g. Foam, Water, Dry Chemical Powder, Carbon Dioxide,Wet Chemical

►  Fire hose reels and fire blankets

►  Method of operation of portable fire fighting equipment

►  Identify fire hazards in your workplace

►  Prepare for workplace fire

►  House keeping techniques to reduce the risk of fire

►  First attack fire response procedures

►  Safe working practices

►  Written and Practical Assessment


Practical, theoretical and application based assessment in consideration of the following competencies:

▪     PUAWER008B/01 : Prepare for emergency situations

▪     PUAWER008B/02 : Identify and assess the emergency

▪     PUAWER008B/03 : Safely confine emergencies where possible

▪     PUAWER008B/04 : Use initial response equipment

▪     PUAWER008B/05 : Report workplace emergency response

Duration: Approx 3.5 hours

Site Requirements:

This course is principally designed for delivery at the clients’ premises for maximum group size of 12 people.

To conduct theory presentation we require a boardroom/classroom with facility to darken room for computer projection.  To conduct practical extinguisher use we require an outdoor area no less than fifteen square metres.

Should your work premises not be suitable to light and extinguish fires, alternative premises can be arranged.


Upon successful completion of the course, each participant will receive a Nationally Recognised Statement of Attainment.

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