Certified & Approved to AS/NZS 1841.5

Fire Extinguisher Features

  • Rugged epoxy coated steel cylinder with welded base for extra strength
  • Resist corrosion, dents and punctures
  • Special UV resistant paint
  • EPDM type UV resistant discharge hoses
  • Chrome plated brass valve body
  • 316 Stainless steel handles and levers – suitable for marine use
  • 316 Stainless steel hose retaining clip and bands
  • Brass Hose Ferrules on 4.5kg & 9.0kg Extinguishers for use in underground mines
  • Wall hanging bracket
  • Rugged epoxy coated metal vehicle bracket comes with 1.0kg, 2.0kg & 2.5kg (Vehicle & Hanging Bracket) extinguishers
  • Inspection tag
  • Suitable for A, B & E Class Fires
  • All approved to AS/NZS 1841.5


  • Suitable for A Class Fires (paper, wood, textiles)
  • Suitable for B Class Fires (flammable liquid fires such as oils, paints and solvents)
  • Suitable for E Class Fires (energised electrical fires such as switchboards and electrical motors)
  • AB:E Dry Powder – ideal for any organisation wishing to standardise on one type of extinguisher.
FXM101.0kg1A10B:E90%MAP1000kpa10sec300mm  x 95mm1.0mm2.0kg
FXM202.0kg2A30B:E90%MAP1000kpa14sec390mm x 120mm1.0mm3.4kg
FXM202.5kg3A40B:E90%MAP1000kpa14sec400mm  x 120mm1.2mm4.2kg
FXM454.5kg4A60B:E90%MAP1500kpa19sec480mm x 145mm1.5mm7.2kg
FXM909.0kg6A80B:E90%MAP1500kpa24sec650mm x 175mm2.0mm14.2kg

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