S.E.P.M.A.R.’S – Emergency Safety Shower / Eye Wash Station

On-site safety is paramount and SEPMAR is here to provide any workplace with an Emergency Safety Shower / Eye Wash Station. If you operate a safe workspace or lab, you may have forgotten that you have a safety shower available in your facility. Protocols and safety regulations prevent a lot of accidents from occurring in high-risk environments. Regardless, there are still tens of thousands of accidents around Australia every year, and it’s essential to understand the genuine threat that harmful chemicals can pose.

Emergency Safety Shower / Eye Wash Station for your Industry

You’ll find safety showers in a range of different facilities, from industrial plants to high school labs. It’s important to instruct all staff and students on how to use the safety shower when they first enter the facility. Proper safety shower education is vital for everyone, as people must be able to help themselves and others in the case of an emergency, to ensure it is used properly.

Eye injuries on work sites are widespread. While you may not have experience with eye injuries yourself, there are over 50,000 eye injuries that happen in Australia every year. Many of these injuries arise when chemicals, particles, or other objects enter the eye. That’s why it’s important you have an eye washer that can help counteract potentially damaging injuries.

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