Each drawer front has an overall thickness of 90mm insulated with proven fire-resistant composite material. The proofing ingredients used are asbestos-free, providing a barrier mix that is lasting, stable and well-aerated.

Fire endurance test

  • Duration of fire exposure for this test is • 2 hours
  • Purpose is to ensure the cabinet has been • designed to limit the internal temperature to no higher than 177°C (or 350°F)
  • UL Test Requirements do not permit the • temperature inside the cabinet to exceed the maximum temperature and excessive internal humidity is not permitted inside the cabinet

Explosion test

  • The cabinet is inserted into a furnace which has • been preheated to 1090°C (or 2000°F) and subjected to fire exposure for 30 minutes at this temperature
  • The cabinet must not explode or deform in order to pass the test

Click here to view the Fire Resistant File Cabinets brochure.

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