The qualified and experienced team at S.E.P.M.A.R. can assist you with your safety cabinet and safety shower eye face wash equipment scheduled service, maintenance and repair needs.

Scheduled Service Maintenance

Prevent small faults and damage from becoming a major problem, with an on-site maintenance check from S.E.P.M.A.R. This comprehensive check for Safety Cabinets consists of 42 points of inspection and Safety Shower, Eye Wash stations is a 25 point inspection. We can also assist with company safety audits.

Scheduled for Service Maintenance can be conducted from monthly to 3 or 6 monthly and annually, certified on completion with a Service Certificate (specific) to Australian Standards direction, also to manufacturer specifications and recommendations by the Department of Industry and Resources (references to the storage and handling of dangerous goods). The scheduling frequency is also dependent on a range of problems not uncommon with diverse commercial conditions and environments. As a manufacturer, S.E.P.M.A.R. recommends regular servicing and maintenance checks by qualified safety technician every 3 to 6 months for reasons categorised as follows:

Safety Storage Cabinets

Safety storage cabinets are dual-skin insulation, automated self-closing and self-locking cabinets with under and over lapping door seals that house flammable liquids and hazardous chemicals. They must also be designed with a water tight well-catchment to contain spills and leakages. Other brands of safety cabinets have from 7 to 14 moving parts that make this self-closing and locking function work, the construction of these other brands are restrictive to the user and when subject to consistent force this causes damage and faulting to the automated closing action and associated panelling. In addition to this, other environmental elements impact on these cabinets, forklift damage, corrosion and general wearing of frictional moving parts.

S.E.P.M.A.R. can repair all brands of safety cabinets with their various types of self-closing and self-locking mechanisms using specific parts from the correct manufacturer at our purpose-built facility in Stoneville, WA and can provide loan cabinets for the duration of hot-work conducted off-site. We also provide a convenient on-site repair service.

Emergency Safety Showers and Eye Face Wash Stations

Safety showers and eye/face wash stations are water drench systems that have been designed for emergencies, such as when a person has been contaminated by flammable liquid or hazardous chemicals. The quantity and dispersion rate of water needs to be accurate and measurable to correctly isolate the affected area of a person contaminated requiring first aid.

General corrosion, worn and damaged parts are often associated with diverse commercial environments. S.E.P.M.A.Rs staff can check, maintain and replace all brands of associated parts for water aerator filters or main gauze filters, valves and volume controls specific to the correct manufacturer supplied part. These parts become blocked, seize or damaged as a result of various problems ranging from harsh water supplies, dirt contamination, corrosion either externally or from internal water supplies. Regular maintenance will prevent problems occurring during an emergency and ensure that staff get sufficient first aid when needed urgently.

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