S.E.P.M.A.R.’S Safety Cabinets

SE.P.M.A.R.’s range of Safety Cabinets offers reliable safety storage for most classes of dangerous products in compliance with Australian regulatory requirements.

This product suits a variety of applications such as hospitals and schools’ laboratories. This is a well-recognised cabinet for all aspects of hazardous items storage for all industries.

Our range of safety cabinets provides an extreme protection and a safe storage for most classes of dangerous products decreasing the risk of fire and protect your staff and your workplace.

Our safety cabinets are widely considered as the safest and most effective solution for the storage of dangerous materials and keeping a top level of workplace safety.


Safety Cabinets for Flammable Products

Our cabinets are fire tested in compliance with the Australian Standards making them one of the most recommended storage solutions for flammable liquids and hazardous chemicals. The design of the cabinet offers an effective and simple way to identify, organise and separate dangerous liquids.

Safety Cabinets for Corrosive Substance

For the storage of flammable and corrosive substance, we have options of steel or polyethylene models for you to choose from.

This type of product features polyethylene shelf trays and a special powder coat paint for higher protection against corrosion and chemical resistance.


Safety Cabinets for Dangerous Goods

These cabinets are designed for easy transport and carefully engineered to meet Australian Standards for the storage of dangerous goods.

The design of these cabinets makes them perfect for the storage of a large number of dangerous goods while offering an effortless mobility and environmental protection.

Keep up the good workplace housekeeping practices with our products featuring;

  • Dual vents with Flash Arresters
  • Leakproof Containment Sumps
  • Adjustable Shelf Heights
  • Fire Tested FM approved
  • AS1940 and AS 3780 compliant
  • Electrostatic High Gloss Powder Coat Finish
  • Self closing and latching doors
  • Fully welded construction 1.2mm Steel Double Wall (Flammable Units)

Our quality no-leakage safety cabinets will let you have a peace of mind for the security of hazardous items.

About S.E.P.M.A.R.

S.E.P.M.A.R., located in Western Australia, is an Australian owned and operated supplier of safety storage cabinets for Australian industry.

On this website, you will find information about safety cabinets classified into three different categories:

  • Safety cabinets
  • Storage cabinets
  • Dangerous goods cabinets

We are proud to announce that our cabinets use a unique and patented closing mechanism that only uses one moving part. This is a significant advantage in that it reduces locking mechanism failures and scheduled maintenance requirements. You will find safety storage cabinets on the market which are fitted with as many 10-14 moving parts. Our mechanism also allows safety cabinet doors to open wider which allows for easier storage and retrieval.

All cabinets are manufactured with high quality materials. All contact points are built with alloy parts instead of iron to reduce the risk of sparking that could potentially ignite flammable storage content. Our safety cabinets also come with double steel doors, and all panels are coated to protect surface penetration from any type of hazardous material. These design qualities are another reason why you should use S.E.P.M.A.R. storage cabinets for dangerous goods and supplies.


S.E.P.M.A.R has been in the business of serving Australian industry with safety cabinets since 1995 and is now a well respected industry leader that offers high quality and design at competitive prices.

Our services include specialised design, construction, maintenance and repair of all types of safety cabinets.

As mentioned elsewhere, SE.P.M.A.R. safety cabinets are all designed in accordance with Australian Standard AS1940 which regulates personal, transport and general safety for these types of products.


Our safety cabinets are also designed in accordance with all relevant regulatory requirements which include:

Our storage cabinets can be supplied in different styles and capacities. Thirty litre cabinets are suitable for desktop storage while large cabinets come in sizes ranging from 30 litres to 250 lires of storage capacity. All cabinets have fully adjustable shelves and self closing, self latching doors.

These storage cabinets are suitable for the storage of many types of hazardous substances. However, you should carefully define your requirements and applicable safety standards to choose between our standard safety cabinets and our dangerous goods cabinets.

Whatever your needs, S.E.P.M.A.R. will supply cabinets for storing the following types of goods:

  • Flammable materials
  • Corrosive substance storage
  • Pesticides
  • Pain and inks
  • LPG gas cylinders protected with a suitable locking
  • Drum storage
  • Oxidizing agents
  • Organic peroxides
  • Acid corrosive materials
  • Aerosol can storage
  • Polyethylene products

Whatever your requirements are, our expert personnel will be able to offer the best solutions to satisfy your own requirements as well as regulatory directives.

We will provide appropriate signage for all cabinets, e.g. “Flammable Liquids” in combination with a warning sign on cabinets for this purpose.

Contact S.E.P.M.A.R. for your safety storage requirements now.